Whether you’re a landlord or homeowner who wants to keep their garden in good condition year-round, or a tenant moving house and needing to get everything in order, our garden maintenance service in London United Kingdom gives you the support that you need. Offering flexible appointment times convenient enough for any schedule, and work from fully trained, vetted and friendly staff, our gardening services give you back your free time and beautify your garden.
Whether you would like to freshen up the lawn or to remove the excessive waste, you can call us.


* £60 per hour

* The service is conducted by 2 professional gardeners


#* small garden (100 - 300 sq. ft) - min.2 hours

* medium garden (300 - 650 sq.ft) - min 3 hours

* large gardens (over 650 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft) - min 4 hours

* larger size gardens - the price is upon negoatiation


*Please note that we are not licensed waste removal company and can take away maximum of two jumbo green waste bags.

Price per bag – £20.00